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myStrom App


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39,00 €

myStrom App

The talented App for your Smart Home.

    Control myStrom Devices

    Automate your myStrom Smart Home

    Connect myStrom to external services

Simply useful

The myStrom App has removed the superfluous – controlling your devices has never been so simple.

Perfectly organised

The myStrom App lets you organise your rooms efficiently and control several devices with powerful scenes.

Complete and surprising

With the myStrom App you can give your devices more functions – e.g. scheduler, presence simulator or features that make you automatically save energy.


With its powerful Actions, the myStrom App can transform any device event into a trigger for scenes or notifications. Whether you push a Button, set the luminosity, define a certain temperature or a level of consumption, your project is limitless.

Know more. Live better.

Thanks to the detailed curves showing consumption, production and temperature you can make the right decisions for a consciously energy-effcient life.

Smart Home for everywhere

The myStrom App is available for all current iOS and Android devices, including Apple Watch. For Tablets we recommend the myStrom Cockpit App.

myStrom Cockpit App

The myStrom Cockpit App myStrom Cockpit App is the light version of the myStrom App, suitable for all browsers. It can even do more: it visualises your consumption and production data full screen and is also a powerful tool to optimise your consumption.

Voice Control, Buttons & more

You can also control myStrom devices with the small, savvy buttons or with your own voice. We speak Siri, Alexa and Assistant.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Install
    On iOS or Android device

    2. Connect devices
    In a few minutes

    3. Use
    …and enjoy it every time

Start now

Those products make your first steps in the Smart Home World a true pleasure.

Compatible Apps and services

Thanks to the myStrom App, the Cloud and open interfaces, your devices can be integrated in many external services – and the list is growing…

  • Conrad Connect
  • Control4
  • Node-RED
  • Open Source
  • myStrom Smart Home

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi Switch

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi Button

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

    Learn more

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