WiFi Button Plus

myStrom WiFi Button Plus

The 4 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices. With Touchpad and LED ring.

€ 39.– (RRP)

    Switch myStrom devices
    on and off

    One button – multiple functions

    Free attribution
    of functions

Switch myStrom devices on and off

Placed or wall-mounted wherever you want in your home, one push of the myStrom WiFi Button Plus switches myStrom Bulbs and Switches on or off, without using the App.

One button – multiple functions

Long press, double press and short press can trigger different functions. A long press can switch all myStrom Switches off, a short press can change the light mood to “evening”.

Turns control and automation into pleasure – on your Smartphone, Tablet or Apple Watch.

With the myStrom WiFi Button, control your myStrom Smart Home without using the App. Each Button supports various touch patterns and can control devices or device groups.

A Smart Speaker that supports Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant makes the control of your myStrom Smart Home as simple and intuitive as can be.

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Free attribution of functions

With the IFTTT App you can dramatically extend the possibilities of your myStrom WiFi Button Plus.

Additional services & compatible Apps

Extend the possibilities of your myStrom Smart Home.

  • Conrad Connect

    Conrad Connect platform brings together what belongs together. It connects smart devices from different brands just like that.

    Learn more >


  • tiko

    tiko customers monitor the energy consumption of myStrom Bulbs and Switches as well as their heating system’s.

    Learn more (ext. link) >

  • IFTTT App

    Substantially extends the possibilities of your myStrom system. Automatically switch the power in your home off just by leaving? No problem!

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  • Control4

    Control4 premium automation solutions make you the true master of your home. Easily and intelligently control every aspect or your home, from lights, security, climate control, home theater, music and more, even if you are miles away.

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    Developers easily integrate myStrom products into their own environment and Third-party systems or control them through their local network.

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Installed in a few minutes

    1. Unpack
    Screw in, stick or just place anywhereyou like

    2. Launch the myStrom App
    Open your free myStrom account

    3. Connect
    Follow the steps in the App

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Technical details & conditions

myStrom WiFi Button Plus

Wireless/WiFi standard
IEEE 802.11n (1)

60 x 60 x 32 mm

200 g

Ring (white, red, green)

Press Patterns
4 (Short Press, Souble Press, Long Press, Touch)

3x AAA (included)

Battery life
12 months

Yes / magnetic

Operational environment
0 – 40 °C • 0 – 85% humidity (non condensing) (2)

Storage at
10 – 60 °C • 5 – 90% humidity (non condensing)

Security & EMI

2 years (hardware)

Package contents
WiFi Button Plus • Batteries (3x AAA) • Manual

– WLAN Router/Gateway (constant internet connection)
– myStrom Account
– myStrom App (Apple iOS 8 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher)

(1) Data throughput and installation range can vary. Network conditions and climatic factors, incl. data volume/traffic, construction/structure as well as used materials can influence the data throughput as well as the installation range.
(2) Only suitable for indoor use – keep devices away from humidity.

Buy myStrom WiFi Button

With or without Touchpad – the smart Buttons make controlling your Smart Home devices so easy.

  • myStrom WiFi Button Plus

    The 4 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices. With Touchpad and LED ring.

    € 39.– (RRP)
  • myStrom WiFi Button

    The compact 3 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices.

    € 29.– (RRP)
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