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myStrom & Solar

myStrom products and services are perfect for owners of mini PV and rooftop PV systems, consumption optimisers and electricity savers.

    Visualise electricity generation

    Optimise consumption

    Save electricity

Know the power generation of mini PV systems

myStrom WiFi Switches measure the production of connected generators. The myStrom Cockpit app (learn more / login) helps you optimise your own consumption with detailed visualisations.

Making optimum use of self-generated electricity

myStrom devices and the myStrom App help you to put the knowledge gained in the Cockpit into practice with clever functions: with the timer function, the standby killer, various consumption alarms and much more.

Additional energy-saving assistants

myStrom WiFi Motion Sensors also help save electricity: They switch myStrom WiFi Switches on presence, upon reaching a certain temperature limit, according to the luminosity or the time of day. And with myStrom WiFi Buttons you can control your myStrom devices from anywhere in your home.

Optimally distribute power generation from rooftop PV systems

myStrom WiFi Switches are integrated into the innovative Solar Manager. This manages the power distribution of the PV system autonomously and switches the switches on or off at the optimal time.

To have your myStrom WiFi Switches measure power generation

    1. myStrom App
    Select Switch

    2. myStrom App
    Open «Settings»

    3. Settings
    Select «Solar/Power Production»

Compatible services

  • myStrom Cockpit

    The myStrom web app. Visualise, measure and evaluate your energy production – measured via myStrom WiFi Switch – in detail. Learn more > / Login >


  • Solar Manager

    The electricity manager for owners of photovoltaic systems. Fully integrates the myStrom WiFi Switches and automatically allocates power surpluses to them. Learn more > (ext. Link)


myStrom products for the energy transition

With those devices you can measure your electricity production, optimise your own consumption and save electricity.

  • myStrom Smart Home

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi Switch

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi LED Strip Controller

    Learn more

  • myStrom WiFi Button

    Learn more

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