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myStrom Powerline

Bring the performance of your internet network where it is missing.

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    Extend the range of
    your Home Network

    Maximum Speed

    Up to 2000 Mbit/s

Extend the range of your Home Network

Powerline Adapters extend the range of your Home Network – also across several floors. Thanks to the integrated plug, no power outlet is rendered useless.

Maximum Speed

Whether Copper or Fibre – the Ethernet port ensures that the speed you are paying for gets to your end-devices. Over your normal power sockets, without having to build or refurbish anything.

Up to 2000 Mbit/s

The myStrom Powerline Adapters let you enjoy 4K UHDTV in all your rooms, download data at the highest speeds and stream in the best quality.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Install devices
    Just plug them into an outlet.

    2. Connect
    Connect the receiver
    via Ethernet.

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Technical details & conditions

myStrom Powerline 2000 Adapter / Connection Kit

Powerline Speed
2000 Mbit/s

RJ-45 Ports
1x 100/1000 Mbit/s (Gigabit Port)

Standards & protocols
IEEE 1901, IEEE 802.3/x/u, MIMO Technology

Powerline security
128-bit AES encryption

58 x 112 x 76 mm (per Adapter)

Power Input
100 – 240 VAC  • 50/60 Hz

Power consumption
2.0 Watt (data) • 1.9 Watt (idle) • 0.7 Watt (sleep) (per Adapter)

Operational environment
0 – 40 °C • 10 – 85% humidity (non condensing) (2)

CE/CoC v5

2 years (hardware)

Package contents (Connection Kit)
2 Powerline Adapters • 2 ethernet cables • manual

Package contents (Adapter)
1 Powerline Adapter • 1 ethernet cable • manual

(1) Data throughput and installation range can vary. Network conditions and climatic factors, incl. data volume/traffic, construction/structure as well as used materials can influence the data throughput as well as the installation range.
(2) Only suitable for indoor use – keep devices away from humidity.

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The minimal condition for a Powerline Installation is a Powerline 2000 Connection Kit with 2 Adapters (Sender and Receiver). Extend your installation by adding as many Adapters as you need.

  • myStrom Powerline 2000 Connection Kit

    Extends your Home Network through the electrical network. Up to 2000 Mbit/s. Two devices – Transmitter and Receiver. Includes an Ethernet Cable. Designed in Switzerland.

  • myStrom Powerline 2000 Adapter

    Adds a further receiving device to your myStrom Powerline 2000 installation. Up to 2000 Mbit/s. Includes an Ethernet Cable. Designed in Switzerland.

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