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myStrom &
Conrad Connect

Connect your myStrom Smart Home with smart devices and services from other brands.

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    Supports 50+ manufacturers

    Combine device functions

    Use smart services

The platform for the best devices and services

Conrad Connect is the one stop shop for the best in Smart Home – one easy to use user interface for all your needs.

Combine device functions

“When I leave my home, the WiFi Button switches the light off and in 2 minutes it activates my smart lock and the alarm system.”

Use Smart Services

“My light wakes me up at the right time thanks to Google Calendar. It’s raining? One of my living room lamps signals it to me by lighting up in red.”

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Register
    Open a free Connect
    Connect account.

    2. Link
    Link to the
    myStrom Account

    3. Connect
    Create and
    share projects.

  • myStrom Smart Home

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  • myStrom WiFi Switch

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  • myStrom WiFi Bulb

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  • myStrom WiFi Button Plus

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